Scope and format of conference:

Three days.

About 60-100 participants, among these about 17 invited speakers.

Contributed papers from over the world are welcome.

No parallel sessions.

Each invited talk will be 45 min (including 10 min discussion); contributed talks 20-30 min. each, or shorter.

An informal session consisting of 20 min talks on conjectures and works in progress is included.


 Language of conference: English.

 Proceedings will be published in English as a book. The book is as important as the conference itself. (All speakers are required to submit a written paper, according to the format required by the proceedings.)



 We will also have an Art Exhibition of Drawings during October 2017



      Art Exhibition of Drawings in China Ink "MOVEMENT 1" / October 2017                              

                                                                       BY LEONOR BELTRÁN



                                                        Série L - 3 EXHIBITION LB.pdf (864386)


                                 LEONOR BELTRÁN 2017 - CV Plastic Arts and Synopsys FINAL.pdf (200830)