Scimat (Science Matters) is a new term coined in 2007/2008. Conceptually, Scimat represents the four tenets that (1) Science is humans’ effort to understand Nature without bringing in God or any supernatural; (2) Science covers everything in Nature; (3) Nature includes humans and all nonhuman systems; (4) all research on human matters, humanities in particular, are part of science. Disciplinarily, Scimat represents the collection of research disciplines that deal with humans; thus, Scimat is the sum of the humanities, social science and medical science. Thus, the ultimate aim of scimat is not just for a unified knowledge, but for a better humanity. Towards this end, the Scimat Program was started by Maria Burguete and Lui Lam in 2007, which is the latest international effort to revive the Aristotelian tradition of a unified knowledge. It has (1) established a biennial international scimat conference series; (2) formed an international committee (ISMC) to advocate the scimat concept and oversee scimat activities; (3) established a Science Matters Series of books (World Scientific). The Scimat Program is in the midst of establishing a number of scimat centers around the world.






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